Building FLL LEGO Sets

A couple of our team members helped build LEGO mission sets that would be used at FLL tournaments during the Cargo Connect season. All of our team members came from FLL and one of the things our team misses about FLL is building the LEGO mission models. We had a lot of fun and we hope we can do it again next year.

Team members building LEGO mission models

Hennepin robotics tournament


Two of us went to volunteer at a LEGO League tournament. It was a practice tournament with the Smart Move map from 2009. There were seven teams FLL competing there. The teams had 10 weeks to build a robot to compete. We were table resetters and score runners. We also checked in teams so that the tournament could run smoothly. 

It was a fun experience to volunteer at the tournament. We enjoyed the tournament and would love to help out again. 

FLL Jr Exhibition Volunteering

Four members of our team went to help at the FLL Jr exhibition during the FLL tournament. There were stations set up where the kids could do crafts and we helped them with the crafts as well as talked to them about the next levels of FIRST. It was really cool to see how the FLL Jr level of competition worked and how creative all of the teams were with making their models. Also, many of the kids we talked to seemed to be enjoying the program and said that they wanted to continue with FIRST.