Swerve Webinar


Us presenting during the webinar.

This season we created a differential swerve drive to use in competition. Throughout our creation of the drivetrain, we were constantly experiencing new challenges and discovering new concepts that we could use to improve the design. Because swerve drives are a very rare drivetrain to see in FTC, we decided to host a webinar to teach others about swerve drives and share what we learned from creating ours. The presentation covered a multitude of topics including: What is Swerve, How it Works, Types of Swerve: Coaxial and Differential, What We Learned, and Swerve Programming. We thoroughly enjoyed creating and giving the presentation as well as answering the many questions our viewers had. It is our hope that this presentation, our robot, and our team’s impact all inspire the next generation of teams to use swerve drives.

We recorded the webinar and posted it on YouTube so those that couldn’t make it could view it as well.

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