We are a group of kids from Mounds View Highschool competing in First Tech Challenge (FTC). Our team, Spontaneous Construction, has been competing since 2018 and many of our members were once on a FIRST Lego League team called The Dots from 2015-18.

Meet the team!


I’m in 10th grade. 

This is my 7th year in FIRST. 

I originally joined since my sister was in FLL, and have loved it as well as FTC since. 

I’ve always stuck with them since I really enjoy the challenges and opportunities that the programs have given me. 

My favorite thing about FIRST would have to be the community and meeting all sorts of new people through the program. 

Favorite song on the playlist is probably NIGHT RUNNING by Shin Sakiura.


I am a junior in high school.

This is my fourth year in FIRST. 

I originally joined a team since a few friends were looking to start a new team and needed more people to join. 

I like FIRST and keep participating in FTC since there are so many great skills I have learned, I really enjoy participating in all of the activities and events, and it provides a challenge. 

My favorite thing about it is all of the opportunities it has given and the great community. 

My favorite songs right now would probably be Hammer to Fall by Queen or Better by The Vamps.


I am in 10th grade. 

This is my 7th year in FIRST. 

I was first introduced to FIRST through an after school event at Island Lake where they went through each part of FIRST Lego League. 

The reason I stay with FIRST and FTC is because I like engineering and I have a lot of good friends because of FIRST. 

My favorite thing about FIRST is the friendships and the thrill of tournaments. 

My favorite song is UGH! by BTS.


I am in 10th grade. 

I have been in FIRST for 7 years. 

I originally joined first through an introductory class in 3rd grade hosted by the Ponytail Posse. 

I stayed with first and moved to FTC because I enjoyed creating robots and engineering. 

My favorite thing about FIRST is engineering new robot designs and systems. 

My favorite song is Deadman’s Gun – Christian Larsson.


I am in 10th Grade

This is my 6th year.

I enjoyed playing with LEGOs and someone told me about a FLL and FIRST.

I’m on a team with my friends, they motivate me to continue on with the program.

I love being with my team and outreach.

My favorite song is OK by Wallows.


I’m in 11th grade.

I’ve been in FIRST for 7 years. 

I joined FIRST because my neighbor was on a team and they introduced me to it. 

I love robotics and engineering so I have continued to do it. 

My favorite thing about FIRST is the great community that it has, and all the fun things to get to do. 

I have literally no idea what my favorite song is.


I am currently in 10th grade.

This is my 5th year in FIRST programs.

One of the team’s mentors suggested that I look into the program and I thought it looked super cool so I joined the team.

I stay with FIRST because I learn so much and get to do such cool things, like making robots.

I like working through the process of creating a robot with my team.

My favorite song is Eight by Sleeping at Last.


“The mission of FIRST® is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.”

Excert from the FIRST website. Read more here: https://www.firstinspires.org/about/vision-and-mission