CIA Mentoring #1

During our FLL to FTC Webinar, we invited the teams to come visit our HQ to learn about our workspace and how we work. One of the teams that came to visit was CIA. We gave them a tour of our HQ and helped them create and program a basic push-bot. This was a great experience for us to learn more about their team and practice teaching robotics which we will use in the future.

Maniac Mechanics Mentoring

We invited Maniac Mechanics over to our HQ to scrim with them and tell them about how in-person tournaments work because they have never been to one. Their rookie year was Ultimate Goal which was all remote so they reached out to us to ask for help. Throughout the meeting, we learned how they detected the ring stack and how their robot works. They had a lot of questions about tournaments and how matches played to which we happily answered. After answering some questions, we scrimmaged with them to show how another robot being on the field impacts their play and the field. It was a blast and we hope that we can help each other in the future!

Scrimmaging with Maniac Mechanics and showing them how our robot works.

Coding The Cosmics Mentoring #2

We invited Coding the Cosmics over to our workspace and showed them around. We talked to them about what they needed to start and how much space they needed. After showing them around, we helped them attach a battery mount and the REV Control Hub to their robot. We also showed them how to setup Android Studio and program a basic starter robot. When they got their robot working, they were super happy and excited seeing their robot drive for the first time. We had a ton of fun and plan to continue helping them with the upcoming season.

Aaron showing Coding the Cosmics how to drive their robot.

Minnesota State Fair Demo

We demoed our robot at the Minnesota State Fair in a High Tech Kids booth with other FTC teams. We talked to people passing by and told them about FIRST, then let them drive our robot and handed out robot drivers licenses. We were able to show off the challenges from two different seasons, Ultimate Goal and Skystone, and had a chance to see how the robot interacted with others on the field. It was a fun event and we hope to do it again next year.

Demoing the robot
High Tech Kids and the demoing teams

Coding the Cosmics Mentoring

After mentoring Coding the Cosmics as an FLL team (AGONY Girls) and giving them our FLL to FTC presentation they asked us for more assistance. We went to their HQ and talked with them about FTC. Three of their members were there and we helped them with their robot. They had built a basic tank drivetrain from an FTC REV kit. When we worked with them we added the REV Control Hub and battery to the robot and helped them wire it. We explained how the hub worked and how to connect to the Driver Hub. It was a great experience and we are planning on meeting with them again.

Our teammate explaining how the Drive Hub works
Helping Coding the Cosmics build their robot

HPM Demo and Tour


At this event, we went to Herold Precision Metals (HPM) to present about FIRST and demo our robot to several engineers that work there. At the beginning of the demo, we started off by presenting about our team and about the season, what FIRST is, how it works, and how to help in the FTC community. After the presentation, we demoed our robot to the engineers. We showed them how the robot works, how it completes missions, custom parts on our robot, and our EN documentation. They seemed very interested in FIRST and asked many questions about it and our robot.

Presenting about our team.

Demoing our robot to HPM engineers.


After our team demoed to HPM engineers we got a tour of their facilities. We got to see many of their advanced pieces of equipment in action like a high-powered laser cutter and a metal shaping machine. It was very interesting to see one aspect of STEM in the professional world, and our team really enjoyed touring HPM.

Touring HPM

HPM engineer showing us a metal bending machine.

Benton County Fair

We demoed our robot at the Benton County Fair for two days in a row to reach out to the community. As well as letting people drive our robot, our team also demoed two controllable FLL robots. We also talked with the FRC team and other FTC teams at the event and learned about their robots.

Showing off FLL to the people at the fair
Talking with the FRC team at the fair

Brainiac Maniacs Mentoring #1

The Brainiac Maniacs are a team we are helping transition from FLL to FTC. After presenting our FLL to FTC Webinar to them, we offered to let the teams come visit us at our HQ so we could teach them about how we work. Once we had given them a tour of our workspaces, we helped them use the FTC kit we gave them to build their first robot as well as program it using Android Studio. On the hardware side, we helped them create a basic pushbot. For software, we helped them program a basic teleop which moves the robot around using the two joysticks on the controller. It was a lot of fun to teach some of our tricks to a new FTC team and we hope to see them more in the future!


We went to three Y-Care facilities in our local school district to give a demonstration of our robot to the kids there. We introduced ourselves to each of the small groups of kids and told them about FIRST and youth robotics. Then we let the kids drive our robot from last year and play with the LEGO SPIKE bots. We gave the kids robot driver’s licenses after they finished driving our robot. We also showed them some of the inner workings and what it can do. It was very exciting to see the kids having fun and being interested in robotics and FIRST.

One of our team members showing kids how to drive the robot
Our team showing off what our robot can do to kids at the YCARE event

Library Story Time Demo

Every year our local library does several “story times” where they would read stories with kids in the community. This is our team’s 3rd year attending our local library’s summer story time. We were featured on a pre-recorded story time as robotics team members. For the story time, we demoed our robot and talked about what it could do. We then did a bit of singing and dancing with our robot! Our team also made a short video detailing the process of how we designed the robot which was featured on the stream. We had a great time and hope we will be able to do it again next year in front of an in-person audience!

Recording the story time