Girls in STEM Demo

Showing the girls how to drive (left) and telling them about FIRST robotics (right)

Our team demoed at TRANE Industries and while setting up the event with the coordinator we found out that we would be there at the same time as a group of girls from Project Scientist. Project Scientist is a nonprofit organization that prepares girls for future careers in STEM. We offered to demo for the girls as well since we would already be set up to demo to the engineers from TRANE. The event worked out very well and we were happy to have the extra opportunity to show these girls FTC. A few of them even had some previous FIRST experience. We met the girls and gave them an overview of FIRST robotics and our team. They split up into three groups and got to drive a robot. Some of them drove Potential Energy’s or CIA’s robots as they were also demoing at TRANE with us. It was really exciting to see these young girls excited about robots and already passionate about STEM. The girls were super talented drivers and they were all able to collect and deposit freight with our robot. Everyone received a robot driver’s license and we’re so glad that we had the opportunity to demo to them.

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