FedTech Tour

During the tour of FedTech, we learned the differences between using water jet cutters and laser cutters, the two types of cutting machines they use, and what effect they have on the materials. For water jet cutters, the water is mixed with garnet of a specific size, called abrasive, to help with cutting. The pressure is kept at 60,000psi by large pumps that are taken apart for maintenance daily because of the potential damage from the high pressure. The inside of the nozzle is shaped like a funnel to help prevent it from clogging, and the end of the nozzle is about the width of a hair. Water jet cutters can cut very thick material, while laser cutters are used for cutting much thinner sheets of stainless steel and hardening the edges of the cuts. Water jet cutting also prevents warping due to heat because the material is cut by the pressure and abrasive. It was a very interesting tour and we are in contact with FedTech to set up a demo.

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