HPM Demo and Tour


At this event, we went to Herold Precision Metals (HPM) to present about FIRST and demo our robot to several engineers that work there. At the beginning of the demo, we started off by presenting about our team and about the season, what FIRST is, how it works, and how to help in the FTC community. After the presentation, we demoed our robot to the engineers. We showed them how the robot works, how it completes missions, custom parts on our robot, and our EN documentation. They seemed very interested in FIRST and asked many questions about it and our robot.

Presenting about our team.

Demoing our robot to HPM engineers.


After our team demoed to HPM engineers we got a tour of their facilities. We got to see many of their advanced pieces of equipment in action like a high-powered laser cutter and a metal shaping machine. It was very interesting to see one aspect of STEM in the professional world, and our team really enjoyed touring HPM.

Touring HPM

HPM engineer showing us a metal bending machine.

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