Welcome Back Night

Five members of our team went to the Chippewa Welcome Back Night to inform students and parents that FLL season is coming soon. We, along with the Brickstormers, did the demos. There were many people who were interested in FLL, we even got people to sign up. We started off by demonstrating our FLL robot and research project from the previous year. Then the Brickstormers demonstrated there magnificent robot, while we continued to show off our project.

It was fun talking to the people who were interested in FLL, we even got to talk to people who are or were on an FLL team. Many people came to the FLL table to ask questions about FLL. At the demo, I got to represent my old FLL team, Team Coding Queens. Even though we don’t FLL anymore, it was still fun to help out, it makes me look back on how I’m here in the first place.

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